Hiring a Top Consumer Engagement Professional Ahead of a Product Announcement

If you have been around technology for any length of time, you can probably remember when some of the stuff that is hot for consumers today was not even a blip on the product screen just a few years ago. Technology is a genre of products that can make you rich or break you as a company. You spend millions on research and development, but your competitors are too. Then it is a rush to market. Instead of playing catch-up with our marketing end, we used special recruiters NYC companies use to find their key personnel. Tops for us was hiring an executive to be in charge of consumer engagement.

We had to place our company in the minds of consumers with a buzz that preceded our latest product announcement. Hiring a Top Consumer Engagement Professional Ahead of a Product Announcement

Sending a Powerful Message Through Video

I work at an organization that provides assistance for people who are victims of domestic violence. Every day, there are tons of women, children, and even men who are affected by domestic violence. We make it possible for these people to get back on their feet and get away from their troubles. The organization put me in charge of creating a media campaign to spread the word about the organization. I contacted Big 3 Media for help in the production of a powerful video that would show people the kinds of things that domestic violence victims go through.

The video shows a husband and wife getting into an argument, with their children listening in another room. Sending a Powerful Message Through Video

There is Still Room for More Apps

Everyone says that the app market has become over saturated, but I think there is still a lot of money that can be made from it. The key to making money is to do something that will differentiate you from all of the other competitors. The competitors who keep trying similar strategies will keep butting heads with each other, while the unique ones can slip past and make a name for themselves. I had an idea for a game that would make a great time waster. I looked for app development in Singapore, because I didn’t know how to write computer code.

I worked with a team of programmers and artists to create the basic idea for my game. There is Still Room for More Apps

Satellite Internet is Our Only Option out Here in the Sticks

We have some nice cities here, but we also have some rural areas that pretty much do not have anything except electricity. I actually know a couple of places where they do not even have that! At our house we get water for drinking delivered. For showers and laundry it comes from our well. We have a septic tank instead of city sewer service. There is no phone lines out here and cellular service is intermittent. I have to stand out on the deck in one position to make a call. However, our Hughesnet Internet in Alabama works great. Without it my game console would be useless for online playing, and I would not be able to do email, look at web pages or stream movies.

This thing will work anywhere you can mount it with a clear view of the sky. It communicates directly with the satellite. If you have satellite TV service, that is a one way communication. The dish receives signals from the satellite. If you have satellite Internet, the dish both receives and sends data. Satellite Internet is Our Only Option out Here in the Sticks

I Wanted a Really Good Salon

When I first moved to where I live now, I knew that I was going to have to find new everything! Some people only worry about finding a new dentist and doctor, but I wanted to make sure that I found the best takeout places as well as hairdressers in Sale. My pride is my hair, and I always make sure that it looks as good as possible. I style it in different ways, and I often have it highlighted or colored. Since I do so many different things with my hair, I had to make sure that I went only to the best hair salons.

Actually, finding a hair salon is usually harder for me than finding anything else. I have only used three up until this point, but I made sure that all three were absolutely perfect for me. I know some people may think that means an expensive salon that overcharges because of the clientele, but that is not what it meant to me at all. I wanted a salon that charges reasonable prices for exceptional hair care. I wanted a salon that knows which chemicals are safe for my hair and how often they can be applied.

I wanted a salon that employees the best hairdressers who can give a perm, style hair, color hair, and give a fashionable cut. I also wanted one that uses quality products rather than buying cheaper products just to enhance their own bottom line. I looked at several in the area around me, and I researched each one online. It was evident that Hair Icon was the one that fit all of my requirements and then some. I looked at some of the pictures of different hair styles they have done, and I was beyond impressed. They are reasonable in prices too!

Politics is Burning My Job out

I’ve been working at where we work to transcribe video for all sorts of clients. On on average shift I’ll monitor and transcribe up to twelve hours worth of videos thank to being able to transcribe video being played at a 1.5x speed. My employer and co-workers think I’m some sort of superhero whose sole power is this alone; it’s something, all right. I’ve enjoyed working for this company for some time now and but lately I’ve been suffering from burn out. Due to my ability to transcribe so quickly and accurately they decided to put me on a team that transcribes political footage. Every source of political footage is pulled from cable and broadcast, recorded and fed to us. I don’t like to get political when I write these blogs but; Trump. That guy is driving me insane. I’ve come to hate my job because of him. Hours worth of footage of him yapping on the screen is starting to grind me down.

I can’t wait until this political season. I’m a centrist when it comes to politics but I cannot fathom how the GOP is going to ever recover from this sort of nonsense. Every presidential election year they have put up these candidates who seem utterly out of touch and incapable of even agreeing on any kind of platform. We have divided this country up right between Republicans and Democrats that the divison is even now beginning to impact those within the parties themselves. Trump doesn’t even make sense as a republican candidate and I will be shocked if he wins the nomination. The democrats are not much better but at least the debates between them have been less of a dog and pony show. If I have to transcribe any more video with him in it, I may have to ask them to pull me from the project.

What is the Cheapest Way to Get TV?

I am going to have to figure out what to do about the fact that I really do not want to pay for TV packages. I was living with two other guys in this run down house close to the campus of the college we all attended. The three of us had a student deal from Time Warner Cable. It cost like twenty some dollars and we split that three ways. If it had been any more we would not have paid for it. The three of us were sort of putting other things on a much higher priority. Food was one of the big things, but beer came right after that and girls came before either of those things. You do not have a lot of money for any of the fun stuff when you are in college, at least none of us did. We were able to have a lot of fun all the same, even with very little money. It did require some money of course.

Now I have a place of my own and I want to be able to get a good deal on a tv package, but I do not think that I can afford what they want to charge me for Time Warner cable. It is a good bit of money, especially if you get the HD DVR, which you really want. In fact if you do not have that or an HD Cable box you really are not getting a good experience. We are supposed to pay 17 dollars per month for the DVR. That seems a bit more than excessive in my opinion. They want to keep tacking on all of these little charges every time you turn about it would seem. They started out with a pretty good deal, but now it seems bad.

Making Time for Sleep with a New Baby

New parents need absolutely every helping hand that they can get their baby-filled hands on. I lived with my brother for a few months while he and his wife struggled to adapt to the routine of a baby – which, they quickly learned, there is no routine. Oh, there’s a rhythm; the rhythm of the baby who is nothing but a tiny bag of impulses. Laughing, pooping, crying, vomiting, burping. That’s the life of a baby and for the first few months parents are merely reacting to the toddler. I bought them a Motorola baby monitor after my sister-in-law nearly broke her leg when she missed a the small step that lead into the nursery. She had made a mad, Olympic dash down the hallway when she heard the baby crying. Stubbing her toe on the step sent her flying into the nursery where she attempted to stop her fall by grasping the rocking chair. It didn’t. It toppled over, knocking over a lamp with her in the middle of this whirlwind of destruction.

This caused my brother to fly out of bed imagining the worst possible scenarios. He told me later that he thought someone had been in the room trying to babysnatch the baby and that his wife was fighting them off. I couldn’t blame him for fear that; he wasn’t exactly in the best state of mind. I recognized the need for a monitor and one that they would be able to have access to with their apps. It only took them a week to finally find some peace and quiet; babies cry and sometimes you have to let them cry. For the most part, it’s nothing, and once a parent recognizes that fact it helps them rest better, react better and hopefully become fully functioning adults again.